We design the unique,
and ensure diversity.

— Studio for
Design & Identity    
Far away from the usual advertising babble, we have created a niche for ourselves. With our head in the clouds and our heart at the Salzach.

We connect with our customers and sharpen the character and profile of their company. Visual communication is our concern. Individuality is our goal. Wir sind burg zwei.

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Everyone can tell stories. But none like us:

01. Corporate Design

In order to move,
you have to understand first

Every company has a unique identity. 
Through visual design, we reveal this identity to let it shine.

We place particular emphasis on the harmony of the individual components of every Corporate Identity: Logo, color palette, typography and graphics are perfectly combined. A independent brand core is created. The journey begins.

02. Strategisches Storytelling

The love for variety, 
and the power of movement

Our aim is to use creative design and strategic storytelling to strengthen brands and inspire target groups in the long term. We use visual elements to make stories with a high recognition value. Our variable subjects work everywhere: 

- on social media (posts, storys, reels) 
- as classic print ad 
- in merchandise 

A deep emotional connection with the audience is created.

03. Webdesign

We bring ideas into shape, 
and brand messages into momentum

From the basic concept to web design and development: we bring content into shape and make it tangible. Functional, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

We also integrate animations and interactive elements to bring your website to life and increase the engagement of your visitors.

03.And what exactly do you do?Services

Corporate Design,
Editorial Design,
Experimental Design,
Gold Ideas

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02.How does that look like?Projects
We give each project its own direction. Concepts are created, ideas are shaped. Movement comes into play. 

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